You have spoken – and it’s all about transport

Thanks so much for responding to our survey. We’ve had over a hundred responses now, but we still want to hear from you, so please take it now if you haven’t already.

So far, your top issues are:

  1. Transport that works
  2. Access to local healthcare and education
  3. Protecting our bush, parks and sporting facilities

We have been reading your thoughts (that’s where the word cloud above came from), as well as tallying the votes, and a few themes are emerging.

The top themes are about being able to get around quickly, safely and easily. Your environment is is key – some of you want community gardens, others want better bush access, and people want to ride and walk in the outdoors. But you all want to protect our beautiful outdoors lifestyle.

Honesty and transparency were also mentioned repeatedly – clearly we’re not the only ones who are tired of broken promises and political posturing.

And for the person who said “Remove Libs from area” – we’ll do our best, but it’s up to you on 8 April!