Learning from Indi

Winning Back Democracy: Lessons from a grassroots community movement, which won a Federal seat

Federal MP Sophie Mirabella was ousted from her seat when the community decided they had had enough of being neglected by her. Local residents started a movement based on “kitchen table conversations” and backed an independent, Cathy McGowan, to win their federal seat.

On Sunday 12 March, Manly locals heard from key community members about how the North East (of Vic) was won and how Manly could learn from this victory.

Kathryn explained the key issues that concern local residents and discussed ways to get involved with a local campaign.

Speakers included:

  • Denis Ginnivan, President, Voices for Indi and Acting Campaign Manager, Cathy McGowan for Indi – 2016 Campaign
  • Phil Haines, Committee Member, Voices for Indi and Campaign Manager, Cathy McGowan for Indi – 2013 and 2016 Campaigns
  • Kathryn Ridge, Independent Manly candidate