Peter Macdonald launches Kathryn’s campaign

Dr Peter Macdonald, Manly’s Independent member from 1991 to 1999, launched Kathryn’s campaign on Friday 10 March in her newly set up campaign office in Sydney Rd.

Dr Macdonald reminded Kathryn’s team that Manly has a long history of independence, describing the Liberal’s recent reign as a “10 year aberration”.

“Manly has a very strong, local candidate in Kathryn. If we can get the word out that we have a strong independent running, she has a very good chance,” he said.

Kathryn thanked Peter for his support, saying “I have a long history of innovative law reform, which is always tricky, because you’re taking people through big changes. That only comes about when you sit down and talk with all the stakeholders.

“That’s what I’d like to bring to Manly. I want to bring the debate into the local member’s office. Peter’s office was a buzz of energy – there would always be groups of people talking in there, and Peter was able to go in and out and go into the parliament and be confident of what local people wanted to see, because he had that engagement.

“That’s what I would really like to re-establish here in Manly.”