Transport that works

Public transport, Roads and Cycleways

We all spend far too much time on roads that resemble carparks more than any form of transport corridor. It doesn’t matter if we are on a bus, or in our cars – it all takes far too long.

The peak period seems to extend earlier each morning and later each afternoon.

It impacts our daily lives, taking time we would rather spend with family and friends – and it also affects house prices.

Cyclists need safer and dedicated access to the city, rather than dicing with buses on our roads.

We need transport that works:

  • Congestion in Sydney is costing our businesses nearly $1 billion each year in additional wages, and costing each of us $11.24 per day.
  • We all spend an extra 151 hours per year on our roads, valuable time that could be spent with family and friends.
  • The notorious Spit junction and bridge bottleneck of Manly, Spit and Military roads is currently operating at 38.7% of average speed limit.
  • Data shows that an east west Rapid Bus System may be more effective at reducing traffic and connecting people.

As experts have noted, the history of new roads in Sydney is they move a bottleneck elsewhere… and none of us know the toll that will be on the new tunnel.

Even the Government’s own modelling says that we need an integrated solution.

For 25 years we have had a series of promises – when the NSW Government  gives the community the actual plans, properly costed and modelled feasibility assessments and a budget allocation which have been endorsed by Cabinet we will know they really mean it. We need to know that the tunnel it is not just another empty election promise.

Kathryn Ridge:

Will hold the Premier to her promise to deliver the transport solution we all need. No more broken promises.

Will ensure if any tunnel is built, it will have public transport lanes.

Will push for safe cycle ways to keep commuters to the city out of the bus lane down to the spit.

Will support the East/West Metro bus line from Dee Why to Chatswood.

Will push for new ferry services for early city/ airport commuters and late nighters and an upgrade of Manly Wharf.