Living locally

Most economists, including conservative commentators such as Ross Gittins and Chris Richardson, agree that Sydney – and Warringah – have an affordable housing crisis.

If you are young or work in the social or essential services sector, like our nurses, police and many charity workers, owning your home is likely to seem out of reach.

Kathryn Ridge

Will work with lenders, local councils and other stakeholders to remove barriers to local home ownership.

 We need a multi-faceted response:
  • We need to establish pathways to home ownership as a priority, not just access to reduced cost rental properties. Working with our banks on innovative solutions will be a key priority.
  • Planning laws could be examined to allow multi-use of larger residences.
  • I would support inclusionary zoning (ie a requirement to include affordable housing) at a rate of 30% on government land that’s being developed. 
  • NSW planning laws need to ensure that affordable housing is not used as a stalking horse for overdevelopment.
  • I will work with local councils and other stakeholders to make more local affordable housing a policy priority – local services, including essential services, will suffer if we don’t address this issue as a priority.