Climate ready

Our beautiful beaches and coastline copped a battering in last year’s east coast low storm.

You’ll all be aware of the extreme damage on the Manly to Shelley Beach walkway: waves washed away a toilet block, tore apart the concrete path, exposed sewerage lines and left the Fairy Bower rock pool and surrounding homes in disrepair.

Our energy production is in transition, with many of our coal-fired power stations at the ends of their lifecycle and needing major investment. NSW had nearly a billion dollars of renewable energy projects over the last year, and that’s growing each year. It is far better to invest in a renewable energy future now.

We will act to prepare for climate change by:

  • Investing in Renewables – the NSW Government’s 20% renewables by 2020 target isn’t enough to meet their aspirational target of zero net emissions by 2050. We’ll work to ensure there are clear interim targets to reach that goal.
  • Calling for a review of risks to essential infrastructure such as roads, sewerage, and stormwater from current and predicted storm events and sea level rise.
  • Working with the community on a Manly Community Owned Renewable Energy project along the lines of Repower Shoalhaven.