Key issues

We all love Manly – its fresh air, its clean beaches and its fabulous laid back lifestyle.

And it’s wonderful because of previous Manly people standing up for ocean outfalls, taking a stand against incinerator proposals, and otherwise protecting the amenity of Manly, and caring for people in our community.

Kathryn Ridge 

Will represent YOU in the NSW Parliament, NOT the party machine.

Will work to solve the problems of over-development, traffic chaos and failing public transport.

We have listened to the resident groups from all over Manly and prepared a list of their key issues. Please take our survey so we can understand the priority of the issues that concern you. We will make the survey results public as part of the election campaign.

Don’t see your issue? please let us know.

Transport Public transport, Roads and Cycleways. We all spend far too much time on roads that resemble carparks more than any form of transport corridor. It doesn’t matter if we are on a bus, or in our cars – it all takes far too long. Read more
Healthcare Overcrowding in our public schools, and healthcare access, are both major concerns as the population of the Manly area booms. Read more
Education Similarly, overcrowding in our public schools is a major concerns. Read more
Protecting greenspace Our beaches, most of our bushland, many parks and sporting facilities are part of our social fabric and are critical to supporting our healthy lifestyle. Most are on Crown Land. Read more
Local business Our local businesses are excellent at building their connections with other like businesses and we contribute a lot to the GDP of Sydney – and Australia. However regulation is still burdensome, particularly for small business. Read more
Living locally Our essential services and social services workers should be able to afford to live locally. We want to work together with lenders to make home ownership a reality. Read more
Climate ready Our beautiful beaches and coastline copped a battering in last year’s east coast low storm. We need to prepare for the future, and ensure that our stormwater, sewerage and road systems work. Read more
Over development Manly is iconic: the look and feel of the Corso, beachfront and surrounding suburbs and bushland. Overdevelopment may lead to it looking like other places on our coast, and will detract from our identity. Read more