Kitchen cabinet: bike riders

Our first community engagement “kitchen cabinet” was held on Tuesday 7 March – seven local bike riders joined Kathryn to chat bikes and politics over dinner. It was an opportunity for them to share their concerns about safety on the roads, and the desire of the local mountain bike community to have access to a network of legal tracks. We discussed everything from frustrations over the Bare Creek plans, to bike education for schools and bike lanes to support safe commuting.

Here’s what Kathryn has to say:

“I took a number of things away from this evening. Many of them weren’t in the least surprising, for example that safety on the road was a concern, and the level of frustration in the biking community over the unfulfilled expectations around Bare Creek. Many around the table also discussed the need to ensure public transport options were clean, regular and better linked. Bikers use buses too!

“I understand that bike riders need:
– For the road bikers, safe ways to travel around Manly and into the city.
– For the families, education and help to get kids on the bikes safely.
– For the downhill riders, a dedicated facility such as the one planned for Bare Creek. If they can do it in Rotorua, Derby and Hornsby, surely we can do it here.
– For those who want longer off-road rides, linking tracks so they can get between existing tracks safely and enjoyably.

“I will work with the local and state authorities to make the Bare Creek facility a reality. I will also promote linking tracks where there isn’t a negative impact on others, such as those by Wakehurst Parkway.”