The major parties are well funded and get an advance based on their previous results. We are very much based on donations from family and friends, so every little bit counts.

The easiest way to donate is to make a contribution straight into our bank account or donate via MyCause.

  • Kathryn Ridge, Independent Manly
  • BSB: 082352
  • Account: 426225979

We need to comply with rigorous rules so please help us by ensuring you put your name in your bank’s description/reference field – otherwise we’ll need to send your money back. We can’t accept anonymous donations (or donations from property developers, hoteliers or casinos).

For reportable donations (ie from one person totalling over $999) we need to hold a considerable amount of information about you, so if you’re feeling that generous(!) please get in touch with us via email: If we don’t have this information, we will have to return your donation.

We keep a receipt book for all donations – if you’d like your receipt, please email a request with the date and amount of your donation and your postal address, so that we can send it to you.

What happens to an excess?

As specified in Section 12.1.3 of the NSW Electoral Commission’s Handbook for Parties, Groups, Candidates and Scrutineers for state by-elections, after the election, when the campaign account is no longer needed, it should be closed.

Any remaining funds in the campaign account must not be left in the account for a future election and are to be dealt with as follows:

  1. reimburse the candidate for any money they paid into the account that was unspent; and
  2. if the candidate was a member of a political party at the time of the election, any other remaining funds are to be paid to the party; or
  3. if (2) above does not apply, the remaining funds are to be paid to a charity nominated by the candidate.

As an independent candidate, Kathryn Ridge will be donating her excess campaign funds to three charities of her own choosing. These charities are:

  1. Royal Far West, which aims to bridge the healthcare gap between children in rural and urban communities;
  2. The Fragile X Association of Australia, which provides support to families living with Fragile X, a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, behavioural and learning challenges, and various physical characteristics; and
  3. North Head Sanctuary Foundation, whose mission is to secure a publicly-owned sanctuary of national significance for the whole of North Head, that is managed predominantly as a protected environment.

None of these charities have endorsed Kathryn Ridge in her campaign nor is an endorsement expected. Kathryn Ridge merely wishes to donate any excess campaign funds to support these good causes.

If you wish to donate directly to any of these charities or for more information about their respective causes, please visit: