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Want to help make Manly Independent? There are many ways you can consider contributing, and being a part of the change to putting people before politics.

Let your friends and family know

We want to let people know there is a real alternative to party politics, so please pass the word around: if you want to vote for someone who has never been a member of a political party (apart from supporting independents Peter Macdonald and David Barr via Residents and Friends of Manly), then vote for Kathryn Ridge.

If you are on any social media, please spread the word and pass on our updates.


The major parties are well funded and get an advance based on their previous results. We are very much based on donations from family and friends, and it all adds up so please give – every little bit counts.


We are looking for people who are happy to help out on polling day and will do our best to match you to your local booth. We have a wonderful volunteers’ charter and will make sure you have some fun along the way.


A critical role is played in elections by scrutineers, who watch the vote count to ensure it’s fair. For those who are interested in looking at the political process up close, please come along to our Scrutineer training workshops (you must be trained to participate on election day).

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