David Barr

We are delighted by the amount of support we have received – here is an endorsement from David Barr, independent member for Manly from 1999-2007.

Endorsement of Kathy Ridge

“Manly has a strong tradition of supporting independent representation at state level. The time has come to do it again!

“We have been let down by a federal member wreaking havoc on his own Liberal Party and by a Liberal Party dominated council leaving  the new Northern Beaches council with a legal and economic mess.

“The state Liberal government has been asset stripping the state on a massive scale to the benefit of the big corporates but not ordinary people.

“Send an independent to Macquarie  Street to let the major parties know we are not happy with the current state of affairs. It’s time to free Manly from the grip of major party politics. Tell them we are tired of the promise of a Spit tunnel before each election. It’s time for some genuine transport solutions.

“I am supporting Kathy Ridge to become our next independent state M.P.

“Kathy has an outstanding record in the area of environmental law including as a Director at the Environmental Defenders Office, State Water Corporation and Oceanwatch to name a few. She has long been a member of the Surfriders Foundation, which is a keen protector of our beaches.

“Kathy is highly qualified in Law and Science and has the expertise to stand up for us in planning, heritage and environment matters. She has over 15 years’ experience in environmental law reform and implementation in water pollution and climate change areas. The current Liberal government has an appalling environment record, giving land clearers open slather and the same for coal seam gas drilling, giving it priority over farming land.

“Manly is a water-based electorate, which includes Manly Dam and Manly and Curl Curl lagoons. It also has an important urban heritage. Our previous Liberal M.P. failed to stand up for the heritage of Manly Oval when the Liberal council were proposing to wreck it with an underground car park.

“It’s time to refocus on our local community from the Spit Bridge to North Curl Curl, and the things that matter to us, not the big end of town.

“Vote for Kathy Ridge on 8 April.”

David Barr
Independent member for Manly 1997-2007