Kathryn Ridge will listen to you

I first encountered Kathryn more than twenty years ago when I was Treasurer of the Nature Conservation Council and Kathryn applied to be the Executive Officer. She seemed to be a stand-out choice for the position and went on to exceed all our hopes for her. The NCC is a “Peak Body” which represents hundreds of member groups each of which can have thousands of members. At the time, NCC was heavily-dependent on State and Federal Government funding and thus was accountable to them for the way these funds were spent. Thus, Kathryn had multiple levels of reporting and accountability. These were expressed in her day-to-day office activities, at monthly Board meetings and at Annual General Meetings.

The adherence to this level of accountability is rare and valuable. Should Kathryn be elected to represent the people of Manly, we will see it and value it every day. Voters could make no better choice.

Dr Geoff Lambert